Cameroon is estimated to have one of the highest epilepsy prevalence in the world. It is estimated that between eleven to one hundred and thirty-four persons per one hundred are living with epilepsy with about 90% of those affected not receiving any treatment.

In Cameroon, the Mbam and Kim Division of the Centre region has the highest epilepsy prevalence in the country and one of the highest in Africa. Associated with this high prevalence is a critical shortage of personnel with training in epilepsy assessment and management, inconsistent supply of Epilepsy drugs and excessively high level of stigma against people with epilepsy fuelled by several myths and misconception.


These disturbing findings compelled Epilepsy Awareness and Aid Foundation (EAAF) to take up leadership in different community-based initiative aim at raising awareness and educating the population on epilepsy as well as providing assistance to people living with epilepsy.

In May 2021, EAAF carried out a one -week massive reach out campaign in the Mbam and Kim division. The different activities of the campaign include: awareness raising in schools, communities and churches, free consultation to people living with epilepsy, provision of free anti-epileptic drugs and epilepsy assessment and management.

During the campaign, the general population living in these communities were encouraged to support people living with epilepsy so that they can seek medical treatment, become seizure free and consequently contribute to the development of their communities. Over 1000 persons were educated on epilepsy and over 35 persons received free consultations and anti-epileptic medications.



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