Dr. Mundih Noelar Njohjam, Medical Doctor & Epilepsy Fight Champion in Cameroon

Hello everyone

I am Mundih Noelar Njohjam, a Medical Doctor, Social Activist and Entrepreneur. I am passionate about improving the lives and patient experience for people living with epilepsy in Cameroon. Cameroon has one of the highest number of cases of epilepsy in Africa and the world, with about 90% of those affected not receiving any treatment and follow up. Lack of access to doctors is an important cause of this wide treatment gap. Most patients with epilepsy are found in rural and medically underserved communities whereas the vast majority of doctors live in the urban areas. Worse still, epilepsy is regarded as complicated by most doctors and many doctors will not treat it so people with epilepsy will have to go even farther from home for treatment.

In an attempt to remedy this situation, I came up with an initiative coined “Tele-Epilepsy”. The project seeks to provide timely, cost-effective and high-quality health care services to people living with Epilepsy in remote or hard-to-reach areas in Cameroon through video calls/chats while simultaneously working with community health workers.

This year, the project has been selected as one of the competing projects for the Total Energies Startupper of the Year. To be amongst the winners, I need to get the highest number of likes.

Through this initiative, we will be able to provide medical assistance to over 1000 people living with epilepsy in hard-to-reach communities in Cameroon, like those in the North-West and South West region where local health systems have been destroyed by the ongoing war between separatists and government militia.

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