Children with epilepsy are more vulnerable to the negative consequences of epilepsy. Childhood onset epilepsy is associated with worse cognitive, behavioral and academic outcomes. Children with epilepsy are often withdrawn from schools by their carers or families due to poor academic performance and/or stigma from other children or teachers.

All these findings have prompted us to start up a program/initiative for children with epilepsy called “Aid for Children with Epilepsy (ACHLE)”

Under the program, we will;
👉Sponsor children with epilepsy in different regions of Cameroon to school.
👉 Provide clothing and other basic needs to CWE.
👉Offer free medical consultations quarterly to CWE
👉 Organize recreational days with children living with epilepsy.
👉 Organize a rehabilitation program for those with disabilities.

It is our hope that these activities will greatly improve the health outcomes of these children, enable them to achieve their fullest potentials while simultaneously contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals in Cameroon.

Partner with us for this great cause!🙏


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