International Epilepsy Day is an annual event that aims to raise awareness about epilepsy on a global scale. It brings together people, groups, and communities from all over the world to collaborate in raising awareness and supporting those with epilepsy. We joined the entire world to commemorate this day by hosting a series of events and awareness campaigns across various cities in Africa.

Our objective is to make our communities more inclusive so that everyone recognizes and accepts epilepsy as a medical condition, ultimately reducing stigma against those who suffer from it.The week-long events included workshops on epilepsy and seizure first aid in schools, health talks through local media outlets, and interactive sessions with people living with epilepsy sharing their personal experiences.

Speaking to an audience of over 1000 during a live and interactive radio show, the volunteers demystified epilepsy, encouraged early diagnosis and treatment, debunked myths, discouraged epilepsy stigma, and advocated for the social inclusion of people living with epilepsy. There was a lot of enthusiasm among the listeners as they asked questions on epilepsy.

On February 12, 2022, we joined the staff of a reference hospital in the North West Region of Cameroon for a health walk to raise awareness and contribute our own quota of the 50 million steps. A total of 32,000 steps were taken.

We also visited some secondary schools and churches, where we sensitized and educated over 6,000 people and trained them on first aid for seizures. Overall, with our participation on this important day, we further amplified our message and reached even more individuals who were in need of support and resources.


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