Community health workers can significantly contribute to the reduction of the wide epilepsy treatment gap in medically disadvantaged communities or resource-limited settings.

However, most of these communities do not have community health workers. Even when community health workers are available, they lack the necessary skills and knowledge.

It is in this light that we recently embarked on offering basic training on the identification of epilepsy cases and first aid management to over 100 community health workers and health promoters in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. The community health workers trained were from Life abundant primary health care program of the CBC Health Services.

The CHWs were trained to identify, offer basic care, and refer cases of epilepsy and on seizure first aid. They were also gave them educational posters and encouraged to carry out active sensitization in their communities”.

The training was realised with support from the Life Abundant Primary Healthcare Program (LAP) of the CBC Health Services.


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