Educational attainment for children with epilepsy is significantly lower compared to those without epilepsy. Epilepsy deprives many children of opportunities in education, resulting in lifelong disadvantages.To improve the educational attainment and outcomes of children with epilepsy, we offered backpacks filled with school items to 47 children with epilepsy in the presence of their parents and caregivers.
The parents and guardians were encouraged to continue educating their children despite the challenges imposed. Examples of successful people with epilepsy were showcased to further motivate the parents.
In addition to the backpack giveaway, EAARF will be carrying out awareness-raising activities in the schools of these children so as to make the school environment more supportive of these children.The children will also be followed up regularly to ensure that they are making progress in their academics.
The backpack giveaway is just one of many activities that will be carried out by EAARF in the coming months as part of its strategy to improve the health, educational, and social wellbeing of children with epilepsy.
The children, their parents, and caregivers could not hold their joy as this was the first time they were receiving such gifts.
A similar backpack giveaway event was organizedin a remote community in the west region of Cameroon with 12 children with epilepsy benefiting from the giveaway.


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