Brain disorders like epilepsy affect thousands of Cameroonians, so having accurate knowledge of these disorders becomes of paramount importance. As part of our activities to commemorate Brain Awareness Week, we organized a one-week campaign to unravel the mysteries surrounding brain disorders, shedding light on their underlying mechanisms, potential causes, and possible treatments, ultimately paving the way for early detection and treatment.

Brain Awareness Week is an international campaign dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of brain research and promoting brain health. It aims to educate the public about the incredible capabilities of the brain and the impact of neurological disorders. This week-long event brings together scientists, educators, and advocates to share knowledge and engage in discussions on brain-related topics. Through various activities and events, Brain Awareness Week encourages individuals to take care of their brain health and supports efforts towards finding new treatments for neurological conditions.
Using educative videos and posters with brain images, students were instructed on the structure and function of the brain, highlighting its importance and habits that promote brain health. The interactive nature of the activities allowed students to explore the different brain regions and their corresponding functions, enhancing their understanding of the brain’s complexity. Additionally, the posters with brain images provided visual aids that reinforced the information, making it easier for students to grasp and retain knowledge about brain health.

We conducted pre- and post-interventional surveys to determine the difference in students’ knowledge and attitudes towards brain health before and after participating in the workshops. The results showed a significant increase in both knowledge and positive attitudes, indicating that the campaign successfully educated and inspired students to prioritize their brain health. Additionally, we received positive feedback from teachers who noticed improved engagement and enthusiasm among their students during classroom discussions on brain-related topics. that the activities had an impact on the level of knowledge on brain and brain disorders among the participants. The Dana Foundation and the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) jointly funded the campaign with the Brain Awareness Week Grant.



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