About Us

What is EAAF? Epilepsy Awareness and Aid Foundation (EAAF) is a non-for-profit organization based in Bamenda, the chief-town of the North West region of Cameroon. We work to improve health outcomes and experience for people living with epilepsy by improving access to quality and affordable healthcare and social services, advocating in respect of their educational, employment, civil and health rights; increasing public awareness and education on epilepsy so as to reduce stigma and discrimination, and increasing social mobilization and empowerment of people living with epilepsy especially women and girls. We seek to provide cost-effective,  evidence-based,  results-oriented and impact-driven community-based interventions to mitigate the impact of epilepsy on patients, their families and communities. In a long-term, we plan to support the piloting of a primary health care delivery model for epilepsy in Cameroon, to establish a skill development centre for people living with epilepsy, and support access to quality education. Our target is people living with epilepsy with a particular focus on women/girls and children living with epilepsy, irrespective of their race, socioeconomic status, religion and political stance.


We envisaged communities where people with epilepsy are  living quality lives, achieving their full potentials, and contributing to the development of their communities without being marginalized,  discriminated or stigmatized.


Touching the hearts, changing the lives and rekindling the hopes of people living with Epilepsy through the provision of holistic care.

Areas of intervention

Awareness, Prevention  Empowerment, Education, Poverty alleviation