We are pleased to announce the publication of an article about our organisation in The Guardian. […]
Epilepsy deprives many children of the opportunity to receive a quality education and achieve their full […]
Living with epilepsy can pose numerous challenges, especially for young children. However, thanks to the generous […]
In an effort to support and empower underprivileged women with epilepsy, our organisation has provided financial […]
Epilepsy affects people of all ages but is more common in young children. Unfortunately, there is […]
We are happy to announce that we have received a seed grant for our project titled […]
Brain disorders like epilepsy affect thousands of Cameroonians, so having accurate knowledge of these disorders becomes […]
Mbagassina is a small town located in the rural areas of Zambia, with limited access to […]
One of the places where the battle against epilepsy stigma must be fought is within our […]