Socioeconomic Empowerment of Women with Epilepsy (SEE-WE).

We are committed to breaking the cycle of poverty amongst women and girls living with Epilepsy by teaching job skills and seed businesses.

Our mission is to help at least 1000 women and girls with Epilepsy to escape poverty through life skills and vocational training. We are soliciting funds from good-natured individuals like you to make this dream happen.


Tele-Epi project:

Lack of access to doctors is an important cause of the wide epilepsy treatment gap in Cameroon.  Most patients with epilepsy are found in rural and medically underserved communities whereas the vast majority of doctors live in the urban areas. Worse still, epilepsy is regarded as complicated by most doctors and many doctors will not treat it. Hence, people with epilepsy will have to go even farther from home for treatment.

Additionally, most patients with epilepsy  are subsistence farmers and can afford neither the travel costs nor the time away from their land. Moreover, with epilepsy being heavily stigmatized in Cameroon, many patients usually shy away from health facilities for fear of being stigmatized. Instead, they will consult the traditional healer who at least will live nearby.

Tele-Epi is an initiative that has main objective to improve patient-centered management of epilepsy, increase access to timely, cost-effective, safe, and effective care for patients living with epilepsy in remote areas in Cameroon. We provide consultations and health education to patients using phone calls and/or video chats.

We need funds to purchase software equipment for this project.