We are happy to announce that we have received a seed grant for our project titled […]
One of the places where the battle against epilepsy stigma must be fought is within our […]
Students and pupils with epilepsy often experience stigma, discrimination, and social exclusion in schools, which negatively […]
Educational attainment for children with epilepsy is significantly lower compared to those without epilepsy. Epilepsy deprives […]
Community health workers can significantly contribute to the reduction of the wide epilepsy treatment gap in […]
Our Socio Economic Empowerment of Women With Epilepsy (SEE-WE) project was officially launched yesterday, March 6, […]
International Epilepsy Day is an annual event that aims to raise awareness about epilepsy on a […]
  Children with epilepsy are more vulnerable to the negative consequences of the disease. Childhood-onset epilepsy […]
Hello everyone I am Mundih Noelar Njohjam, a Medical Doctor, Social Activist and Entrepreneur. I am […]