It’s amazing how some men will refuse to marry a woman with Epilepsy for fear of being “contaminated” with Epilepsy, yet they will sexually abuse these same Women, impregnate and abandon them.

Catherine is a 26 years old woman with Epilepsy. Due to recurrent and severe convulsions, she had become mentally retarded. She is the 3rd child of a family of 3 and her siblings are also suffering from Epilepsy.

She was recently impregnated by an unidentified man. Her mum who is the main source of income for the family could barely afford anti-epileptic drugs for all 3 of her children. She now has to struggle to raise money for her pregnancy.

Catherine is just one of many women with Epilepsy who are being sexually abused, impregnated and abandoned. We vehemently condemned the sexual abuse of women and girls living with epilepsy.

Women with Epilepsy are human beings not sex objects!




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